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Why won’t my game reset when I push the reset button?

A: Some game boards have a button on the board that is not a reset button. For example, Astro game boards have a button that functions as a “restart” button, not a reset button. If you want to reset an Astro game you will need to access the on-screen settings and follow the “Game Reset” instructions.

When I replaced an old game board in my game cabinet with a new game purchased from you the “Take” button didn’t work. But if I put the old game back in, the “Take” button will work. What is wrong with the new game?

A: You may be using an IGS board, which would require you to remove some jumpers in your harness. If there are wires going into pins 4, 5, and 6 “parts side” on the 36 pin connector. please remove them.

My game is asking me for a password to access the settings. How do I get this password?

A: Password settings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Astro and Amcoe games each have a preset password that you can obtain by calling us. Dyna games have a user specified password – so if you don’t know the password, you will need to send the game back to us to reset the password.

Why do I get a “ticket error” when I am not even running a ticket dispenser?

A: If you are using a touch screen game, you may have this error because the “Collect Button” on the screen needs to be assigned a function. Go into your settings and check if the Collect Button is assigned to “Ticket”. If it is, then change it to the appropriate setting (e.g. “Key Out”, “Attendant”).

How do I correctly configure my power supply?

A: Please watch the following video:

Jackpot Crossing/Mission Control – One of my valley sensors are not triggering when a coin passes through and the LED on the valley sensor PCB is lit.

A: When a valley sensor PCB LED is lit the PCB will not function. Check to make sure all of the sensors are correctly aligned. If one appears to be misaligned, simply twist the sensor until it lines up with the opposing sensor.

Jackpot Crossing/Mission Control – The tunnel values are incorrect.

A: Follow the troubleshooting section labeled “Tunnel values are incorrect” in the manual which can be accessed through the “Manuals” section of this web site.

Jackpot Crossing/Mission Control – My Display PCB is showing erratic numbers or is blank.

A: Check for faulty or shorted wiring at the coin shooter harness. Also check the flex cable from the display PCB to the main PCB.

Percussion Master – When I boot up the game there is no video on the monitor.

A: Try unplugging the USB camera and reboot the game. A defective camera can cause the computer to lock-up.

Percussion Master – What is the most recent version of software for the game?

A: Version 1.08

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