EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm for Fish Games

The EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm system will intercept signals used by cheaters and will sound a loud alarm to deter them from cheating your machines.


Product Description

Product Name: EMP Anti Cheater Alarm
Product Model: TQ-AAI001
FCC ID and Registered Holder: 2ASQGTQ-AAI001 American Alpha, Inc.

This product is designed to block and deter thieves armed with EMP signal jammers or slot jammers from robbing the amusement, gaming and vending machines. It is applicable to all types of amusement machines currently on the market.

Product Functions
1. Block illegal jamming signals
2. Set off alarm upon detection illegal jamming signals

Basic Parameters
1. Effective distance: 3-5 meters (based on the working environment)
2. Effective frequency band: 315mhz, 390mhz, 433mhz
3. External power supply: 110-230V AC
4. Internal adaptor power output: 12V DC

Functional Modules
Tesla Receiver. Or the so-called hex-inverter, receives jamming signals from the ambient. After such signal is detected, it feeds into the Micro-Controller Unit (MCU).
Micro Controller Unit (MCU). An 8-bit MCU, fed by the Tesla receiver, controls the alarm, records and displays the number of times the alarm was triggered
Radio Frequency Module. Intermittently transmits radio frequencies at 315mhz, 390mhz and 433mhz in order to scan for illegal jamming signals at such frequency bands

Parts included in the complete product kit
1. Power adaptor
2. Six wireless antennas
3. External antenna with clips
4. Main unit
5. Alarm

TQ-AAI001 User’s Manual