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Land Of Fun A Brand New Multigame from IGS

Land of Fun is a brand new multigame from IGS.  Samba Carnival and Easter Island are the featured games.  Customers will be given a free SD card upgrade when the third game, Gone Fishing is released.

Product Description

Land Of Fun is a brand new multigame from IGS.  It features three action packed games with interactive Bonus Rounds.

Easter Island

  • When the SHOVEL and PICK symbol appears in a game, it will randomly dig out the symbols around and turn them into WILD symbols.
  • 2 Scatter and 1 Bonus symbol in a game will trigger the Bonus Game.  A player may have 5 chances to picks one of three baskets and win the prizes.  If a player picks a basket with more bananas, the prize is higher and the load is heavier.  When the loading is overweight or a player does not win first place, the Bonus Game ends and a player gets the prizes won.
  • The Final Round of the bonus the player has only one chance to throw a javelin.  A target sight will move until a player presses START.  When a thinner tree is hit, the prize value is higher.  At the end of the bonus game the player can select either TAKE or RETRY.
  • 2 SCATTER and 1 FREE GAME symbols in a game will trigger Free Games and 5 free games will be awarded.

Samba Carnival

  • A Parade feature is randomly triggered and players can press STOP button to decide the best winning result within the limited time.
  •  The Music feature is triggered when the SONG BOOK symbol appears in a game.  It will change all INSTRUMENT symbols to WILD to increase the winning chance.
  • 3 SCATTER symbols will trigger the Scatter Game.  Players pick one carnival crown on the screen to reveal either Dancing Queen Bonus or Float Parade Bonus.
  • In the Dancing Queen bonus the players may have 4 chances in the Dancing Queen Bonus Game.  Each time the stage curtain is drawn, players win a prize. Dancing Queen Bonus ends when the stage curtain is closed.
  • During the Float Parade bonus the players can pick 3 times.  Each pick will get one color and a prize.  If players get the same color, the wins will be tripled (ALL WIN x 3).  If players get all different colors, the wins will be doubled (ALL WIN x 2).  If players get 2 different colors, the wins will be the same (ALL WIN x 1).
     When the Bonus Games ends and a player can select either TAKE or RETRY.

Land of Fun also has the following features:

  • XGA High Resolution Graphics
  • Touch Screen Optional
  • Hold Feature
  • 3 Jackpots Random or Progressive
  • Hand count, score box, and 10 times options
  • Max 5 tickets per game option

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